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Cookie-Cutter Condo

Yasmine and Vik Thadani are looking to sell their condo for a larger place and need help getting it ready for potential homebuyers.

Yasmine and Vik Thadani are already in escrow on a big new house, so they need to sell their condo soon. Before they can, though, they need help clearing out all the clutter they have accumulated — there's just too much for their small space.

Real estate expert Shannon Freeman steps in to assess the problem areas. She notes that the living-room furniture is nice, but awkwardly placed and does not highlight the room's best feature: the fireplace. It's also fairly dark, despite large doors and windows. Other rooms in the house are cluttered and/or undefined — not a plus for potential buyers.

Designer Lisa LaPorta agrees with Shannon, and as always, devises a three-step plan for turning this house into a showcase.

Step 1: Ditch the clutter. Show off the condo, not the stuff in it.

Step 2: Spruce, spruce, spruce. The kitchen and master bathroom need face-lifts.

Step 3: Create drama. Use the high ceilings and wide-open floor plan to hook potential buyers.

The team only had a few days to work their magic with this house, but they pulled it off beautifully. Let's look:

Makeover Rooms Before

The kitchen needs some work. The dated light panels on the ceiling have been removed, creating an unpleasant brightness. The cabinets are too dark, and the stove is pulled out from the wall, which could lead potential buyers to believe that something needs to be repaired.

This room is being used as a guest room, office, music room and magazine storage area. The Thadanis need to pick one use and stick with it. There's also too much clutter, it's drab, and that odd wall decoration (made from those kitchen panels) does nothing for the room.

The bed in the master bedroom is a great piece, but is not being showed off properly. This room should to be a sanctuary for the homeowners instead of cold and impersonal.

Makeover Roms After

The kitchen cabinetry boasts new hinges and handles to match the new faucet. Contemporary light fixtures and a cabinet-mounted microwave make for a sleek, stylish space.

This former quadruple-purpose room has been officially designated the guest room. It is now warm and inviting, thanks to the new bedding, chandelier and fresh paint.

Fresh linens, paint and bold red light fixtures create a warm, romantic theme. The bed is now a showpiece, and the room really opened up after removing that chair in the corner.

The Designed to Sell team has done it again — amazing what can be done with a little money and a lot of elbow grease!

Cost breakdown:

lighting $548
faucets $408
paint and supplies $120
scaffold rental $300
bedding and accessories $455
microwave $149

Total: $1,980

Makeover Information

Products from The Home Depot:

White built-in microwave/hood combo for the kitchen, 665679001156
metallic spray paint for kitchen hinges
recessed 6" light housings and trims for kitchen, 662400131311 and 662400600718
Easy Touch Orange Peel ceiling texture paint for kitchen, 041072040655
MLDC Faucet Brushed Nickel 8" faucet for master bathroom, 019934447140

Products from Lowe's:

stainless-steel pull-out kitchen faucet for Kitchen, Marielle Brushed Nickel, 184478
Satin Nickel medium table lamp, 140661
living-room linen shade, 141913
two gallons of paint for living room, Valspar American Tradition, Lyndhurst Gallery Beige 94-8A
two gallons of paint for guest bedroom/office, Valspar American Traditions, Artist's Canvas 326-2
two gallons of paint for master bedroom, Valspar American Traditions, Sabrina 324-2
Saxony five-light chandelier for guest bedroom/office, Satin Nickel, 208288
two 22" wood-grain lamps for master bedroom, 212869

Products from Target:

lampshades for master bedroom, 074080548
Waverly chair slipcover for living room, Garden Room and Floral Manor Solid, 067040374
two print toss pillows for living room, 067080978

Products from The Great Outdoors:

3" Brushed Nickel handles for kitchen cabinets, 20437
Bronze/Black Iron chandelier for master bedroom, 3408863

Products from Linens 'n Things:

Burgundy 6 x 3 x 5 chandelier lampshades for master bedroom

Products from Ortho Mattress:

Cal King bed frame for guestroom, item# BF-745-C

Products from Anna's Linens:

two bath towels, one hand towel and two washcloths for master bathroom, Pacific, 817703, 817704, 817705

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