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Too Much House, Too Little Time

This homeowner needs help transforming his bachelor pad into a space that will appeal to potential homebuyers.

Cruz Cervantez is a bachelor who is ready to trade in his spacious home for something smaller. When he purchased this Spanish-style house two years ago, he had high hopes of making it his own. Turns out it was more than he bargained for, and now he needs help transforming it into a moneymaker. He goes to the Designed to Sell team for help.

Real estate expert Shannon Freeman is the first to assess, touring the house and offering her opinions on what changes need to take place before the house goes on the market.

She is impressed with the exterior appearance, pointing out that curb appeal can seal a deal if it's good enough. Moving into the house, she finds that it feels cold and impersonal in nearly every room — very bachelor like. That's not a good selling point. Houses on the market need to be more appealing to the general public.

Makeover Rooms Before

Designer Lisa LaPorta is next to share her opinions, as well as her three-step plan to spruce up the place within a $2,000 budget. She wants to focus on the kitchen, living room and patio, noting that improvements here will garner the most attention.

Step 1: Turn up the heat! Adding warmth and color will make it more inviting to potential buyers.

Step 2: Add a woman's touch. The bachelor feel needs to be softened so that it appeals to all buyers.

Step 3: Fix the damage. Anything that looks broken or unusable needs to be fixed before the open house.

The work begins with clearing out the kitchen, including the fish tank, removing the mysterious substance on the fireplace in the living room and pulling up carpet to reveal beautiful wooden floors. Painting and furniture rearranging, adding fresh window treatments and accessories rounded out the process. How did it all turn out? Let's take a look:

The living room is a great size, but too drab, according to Freeman. The dead flower arrangement on the coffee table and paint on the fireplace don't help matters.

The kitchen is more of the same. It's nice and big, but sterile, and some of the cabinets don't close all the way. Because it is one of the first thing buyers see when they view a home, it deserves a chunk of the budget.

A patio that should be a great selling feature has instead become a liability. It feels very sparse, but has huge potential and could add a lot of value to this house. It just needs a few personal touches.

Makeover Rooms After

Check out the new living room! It is much brighter and warm, thanks to fresh paint and new slipcovers, window treatments, art and accessories.

The majority of the budget was spent in the kitchen on a new laminate countertop, sink, flooring, window treatments and decorations.

The patio has been brought back to life with new chairs, fresh plants and creative decor. Buyers are looking to add square footage, which is what this patio now does.

This barren bachelor pad is now alive with energy, thanks to the hard work of homeowner Cruz Cervantez and the Designed to Sell experts. Not a penny was spared, as the cost breakdown proves:

Makeover Cost:
kitchen counter and sink $706
flooring $200
window treatments & slipcovers $310
decorative accessories $414
plants and lawn chairs $250
hardware and paint $120

Total: $2,000

Makeover Information

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couch slipcover, Target Home, 067 04 0120
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