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Eichler Designed Home Restored

A '50s style home, originally designed by Joseph Eichler, gets restored to its original mid-century charm.

Homeowners Eamon and Mimi Cribbin live in a '50s style home. The interior of the house looks straight out of Leave It To Beaver, but the front area lacks that mid-century feel. Designer Tom Leach plans to remove the old shrubs and replace them with low maintenance plants that add texture to the yard. A new geometric fence and frosted glass gate will add continuity to the homes' overall appearance. Here's how they accomplish it:

  • remove old juniper bushes and add evergreen plants that bloom year round
  • build a planters box and retaining wall to hold up hill
  • tear down old fence and build new one that extends further into the front yard to give more space - add matching wideline siding to the fence to restore continuity
  • take out old brick stairway and replace it with concrete slabs to create a floating geometric walkway
  • add a new trellis near the garage that is historically accurate
  • warm green paint for the walls with a slightly deeper color for the trim
  • the old wood gate is removed and a new glass gate is installed that draws the eye and adds light to the walkway
  • the final touches: new lights and house numbers are installed that match the houses '50s design - and a lost toy car from the original owners is turned into a very original door knocker

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