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Homemade Pet Food for Dogs, Cats and Birds

Recipes for your favorite pets — whether they be four-legged or feathered.

Veterinarian Bernadine Cruz shares recipes for healthy, easy-to-make foods for pets that can take into consideration special health needs.

High-Energy Dog Food
(good for pregnant dogs and puppies)


3 eggs
2 tsp. nutritional yeast
7 oz. tofu
daily supplements (vitamins)
1/4 cup chopped vegetables


Scramble eggs and yeast together. Add tofu, supplements and chopped veggies. Mix well. It may be warmed, if desired. This mixture can be used in place of regular dog food or mixed in with dry or wet food.

* Tip: Feed your pet two small meals instead of one big meal.

Dog’s Delight


3/4 cups fatty meat
3/4 cups brown rice
1 cup cottage cheese
1/4 cup vegetables


Brown meat and add rice. Add the rest of the ingredients. Warm gently (do not serve hot.)

Seed Cornbread for Birds


1 box cornbread
1 egg with shell
1 cup birdseed


Make the cornmeal according to the directions on the back of the box. Before baking the mix, add the egg, crushed with the shell for extra calcium. Bake according to package directions. Crumble the cornbread and combine with birdseed. Press into muffin tin.

When introducing this bird food to your pet, remove the regular food and provide only the new food — birds are very cautious about trying new foods.

Kitty Treat


1/4 cup brown rice
1/3 cup hamburger
2 Tbs. vegetables
1/3 cup cream cheese
daily supplements


Combine all ingredients and warm slightly.

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