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Fantastic Front-Yard Makeover

A suburban family home with a lush backyard finally gets the front yard it deserves.

Michael and Bonnie Rose have been remodeling their home for over a year and half.

They feel that their backyard looks like a park, but the front yard looks more like a parking lot. Guest designer Renee Kenney comes to the rescue by adding a fun copper fountain and new landscaping that will give the front area year-round color.

Here's how they accomplish it:

  • Remove vertical beams and replace with a single horizontal beam to open up entryway
  • Take out the old concrete path, porch and driveway and pour red-toned concrete to give the yard color
  • Build a retaining wall made from interlocking blocks and install outdoor lighting to give the walkway better visibility

  • Add another retaining wall in front of facade to cover unsightly pipes and faucets
  • Add a copper weeping-wall fountain to cover the base of the chimney and draw eyes to the new entryway
  • Fresh sod, a fragrant mock orange and a red leaf maple tree give the yard a simple but elegant look
  • The final touches: a custom wind chime, wine country themed gate and decorative garden spheres

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