"Camp Comfort" Backyard

A wife wants to give her husband a surprise gift -- a brand new backyard to relax in when he returns from his travels.

  • Before: Karl Carter is a world-weary traveler who would love something other than this wild and weedy backyard to come home to. His love of bamboo will be incorporated throughout the entire design scheme.
  • After: The faded fencing is replaced with bamboo. Two features define the patios — flagstone surrounded by gravel for a level base and short bamboo poles staked into the ground for a wall and secured to each other with rope (use cement to secure the posts if building a wall more than 4 feet high).
  • Two seating areas are connected by a bamboo pathway.
  • Once the dead tree is removed, a flagstone patio with seating for two and a fabric awning that provides shade becomes alive with color, plants and purpose.
  • Use fabric spray paint, bamboo or twig place mats and stencils of bamboo reeds and leaves to enhance plain pillows and fabric for an awning that's inspired by camouflage.
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