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Master Bedroom Makeover for Less Than $500

See how a boring master bedroom is transformed into a very cozy space.

Host Joan Steffend and designer Sara Trosen turn an outdated master bedroom into a private retreat.


$40 - Paint

The walls are painted a muted green hue for a soft neutral against the jewel-toned window treatments and bedding.

  • wall paint: Behr - 380F-6, River Bank

$153 - Window Treatments

The windows are first dressed with sheers and then ruby- and eggplant-color fabric panels are attached up high on the wall, spanning both the entire window wall and wrapping around the two corners.

  • sheer panels: Wal-Mart - Mainstays, 60X81 White Regina

$43 - Headboard

An old door is framed with painted porch spindles and used for the headboard.

$43 - Pillows

$35 - Nightstands

Since the nightstands were just a bit shorter than needed, they add craft balls onto the legs with double-ended screws to reach the appropriate height.

  • wooden balls: Jo-Ann Fabrics

$40 - Corner Bench

One corner is outfitted with a built-in bench and upholstered seat.

$5 - Drawer Pulls

The homeowners' existing dresser is updated with paint and new drawer pulls.

    drawer pulls: Home Depot - 781266134813

$88 - Mirror

The homeowners' existing full-length mirror is attached to a piece of plywood and framed with mirror tiles that Trosen enhances with a distressed finish. To create the rustic effect, she first applies a paint remover to loosen the protective backing then scrapes parts of it off (steel wool can be used in lieu of a scraper). Next, she dabs on a patina solution then finishes it with brown and black paint to create the rustic, weathered effect.

  • beveled-edge mirrors: Home Depot - Stanley
  • antiquing solution: Jo-Ann Fabrics - Triangle Crafts, 357110094
  • paint stripper: Home Depot - Bix, 7485610220

$53 - Accessories

  • beaded lamp: Jo-Ann Fabrics - Medina Lamp

$489 - Total Cost

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