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Chandeliers Aren't Just for Dining Rooms

Other fun places to use a chandelier.

According to Nick Longo, chandeliers are all about variety and personality and they're not just for the dining room anymore. Today, they're appearing in the most unexpected places, such as bedrooms and bathrooms. Get some tips on how to pick the best chandelier to illuminate your space and if you prefer candlelight to light bulbs, check out candeliers:

    Chandeliers are so colorful and a lot of them today are works of art by themselves.

  • Chandeliers today have feathers, beaded fringe, Venetian crystal and silk shades. They're popular in every room including dining rooms, entry foyers, bathrooms and even in bedrooms over a master suite.

  • Most of the time, chandeliers are sold without the shades and are often used that way. Adding or changing shades gives you a totally different appearance and reinvents the piece.

  • Everyone gets a kick out of a beautiful chandelier over a bathtub

  • How do you know what size chandelier you'll need for a room? In a dining room, the chandelier should be approximately half the width of the dining table and at least 32 inches above the tabletop, but it can go higher. For any other room, add the length and width of the room. The sum of those two numbers is the diameter in inches of the chandelier you'll need.

  • If you really want a chandelier to sparkle, consider the bulb wattage. Chandelier bulbs come in up to 60 watts so if you have a 10-arm chandelier, that's 600 watts. Try using 40- or even 25-watt bulbs for the right amount of light in your space. Go one step further and install a dimmer to control the glow even more.

  • If you love the look of chandeliers and the glow of candlelight, hang a candelier, which mixes the best of both. They can hang anywhere as long as the burning wick is kept a safe distance from anything around it.

  • Candeliers are also a great way to take the romance of a chandelier outdoors as they can be hung on patios or in spaces where there's no electricity. Changing the candle color or flowers in a center vase gives the same candelier several different looks.

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