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Picture Frame Purses

Projects designed by Debba Haupert.

Materials and Tools:

two clear acrylic frames
clear plastic
drill with bit
wire cutters
wire pliers
Westrim glass beads
digital image of purse contents
Lazertran inkjet decal paper
computer with color printer
Fiskars scissors or paper cutter
AMACO 22-gauge silver-coated Fun Wire
ThermOWeb Peel 'n' Stick double-sided adhesive sheets


1. Photograph an image of purse contents and print it on decal paper. Measure plastic frames for the size of the image.) Allow to dry for 30 to 60 minutes.

2. Remove one side of the adhesive sheet and cover the decal image. Cut to fit inside the plastic frame. Remove the other side of the adhesive sheet and apply inside a frame. Be careful to avoid air bubbles and wrinkles. Repeat on other frame.

3. With drill, make holes in both sides of both acrylic frames (1 inch from each end), centered on the smallest sides. On one side, also make a hole in the center of the frame side (for the hook).

4. Holding the two frames together (with the matching holes/sides), remove one side and apply a piece of Peel ‘n' Stick to the base of the plastic frames. Remove the other side of the adhesive sheet and cover the clear plastic. Cut through the plastic to open the holes.

5. On the base of the purse (the side with the clear plastic material), feed an 18-inch piece of wire. Slide through two of the holes, add a flat glass bead, and feed back through the holes. Crisscross to the other frame, slide through holes, and add flat beads. Feed back through the holes and twist the two ends together to secure.

6. For the handles, slide 12 inches of beads onto a 16-inch piece of wire. Stick one end through a hole on the other side of the frame, add a bead, feed back through the hole, and twist around the wire to secure. Repeat on the other end.

7. To create the clasp: On one side between the handles, insert a 4-inch piece of wire up. On the other side, insert a 4-inch piece of wire through the hole, around the bead, and back to the top of the hole.

8. Twist the ends of the wire to form a hook to wrap around the bead. Trim remaining wire.

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