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Ugly Duckling Bedroom

Homeowner Tiffany Morrison's bedroom is cluttered with shoes and clothing. She wants the Design on a Dime team to solve her storage problems and give her room a sophisticated new style.


The Dilemma

Host Kristan Cunningham meets with Morrison to discuss her issues with the bedroom. Storage for clothes and shoes is definitely at the top of the list. The furniture pieces and other elements of the room are mismatched and need a cohesive style. Her bed lacks a headboard and sophisticated bedding, which could make a substantial statement in the room. Also, the existing lighting isn't enough to illuminate the room in the evening.


The Solution

The team solves the storage puzzle and creates a mature, refined look in the mismatched bedroom.

  • The white walls are painted an icy blue color, which is the base to dramatic chocolate brown and black accents.

  • Design coordinator Spencer Anderson constructs two matching nightstands with hidden storage. He creates a simple box table out of plywood, leaving one side open for storage. He paints it black for a dramatic effect in the icy blue room. Mirrors are affixed with epoxy to the centers of the remaining three sides for a bit of sparkle and glamour (trim is used to cover the rough edges). He secures casters to the bottom so that it can easily be moved to reveal the hidden storage inside the cube.

  • Cunningham creates a beautiful headboard that becomes the room's main focal point. She starts with a piece of 1/4-inch plywood. A piece of one-inch foam is secured directly to the board with spray adhesive, batting is stapled into place over the foam and the fabric is stapled into place over both. She adds two buttons covered in the same fabric. Black fluted casing is used to trim out the entire piece. The headboard is secured directly to the wall above the bed. More headboard ideas>>

  • Design coordinator Dave Sheinkopf tackles the shoe issue by building an underbed storage unit that slides out for easy access. First, he raises the bed with black-painted cinderblocks to make room for the sliding drawer. (Wood pieces are inserted into the blocks so that the bed frame can be attached with screws.) He uses 1/2-inch birch plywood to construct the 3' x 4' drawer bottom and sides; the side pieces are joined with hidden fasteners called biscuits. He uses more plywood to construct the shoe compartments and cuts a notch in the pieces with a special blade to fit them together. The compartments are lined with brown velvet to protect Morrison's shoes; the fabric is secured with staples and brass upholstery nails. A black-painted board is attached to the front of the drawer. Finally, Sheinkopf attaches the sliders onto the floor and bottom of the compartment.

  • The bed is dressed with new white linens, a shimmery taupe duvet, quilted bed skirt and silk pillows.

  • The mirrored closet doors are replaced with chocolate-brown curtains that match the window treatments.

  • Accessories and lighting are the finishing touches in the elegant room. Metal lamp bases are embellished with white coral pieces for an unexpected twist. New silver drawer pulls on Morrison's existing dressers help to create a more cohesive look.

    The Cost

    Furniture - $383

    • ottomans: Linens 'n Things - 049394785988
    • fabric for headboard: Jo-Ann Fabrics

    Bedding and Window Treatments - $335

    • duvet: Stein Mart - Taupe, 14089916
    • curtain rods: IKEA - Index, 83517483
    • curtain rod brackets: IKEA - Index, 33517683
    • Roman blinds: IKEA - Iris Roman Blinds, off-white 40054034
    • bedskirt: Target - 060130234

    Art and Accessories - $197

    • velvet fabric for shoe compartment: F & S Fabrics

    Lighting - $63

    • coral for lighting: Petco -ESU-Coral Tall Elk, 000440175

    Paint and Supplies - $21

    • wall paint: Behr - Celtic Gray, 490E-3

    Project Total - $999

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