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Think a stool just takes up space? Think again. Check out this list of favorite practical and eye-catching stools.

This durable red acrylic stool is very cool. It may look like an oversized flower vase, but its solid top ensures it can't be used as one.

Look no further than this lime green stool with Asian flair for a seat with Zen-like charm. It's made of polyethylene, a plastic so durable it can be used inside or outside the house.

Nothing says playful like a little gnome. This plastic one, designed by architect/designer Philippe Starck, is made to do more than make you smile. With his flat top, this little guy also makes a great end table.

Designed in 1954 and made of molded plywood with chrome hardware, the appropriately named "butterfly" stool marries Japanese forms to western materials. It's so stunning that early models are on display in museums around the world.

green stool with Asian flair (Tam Tam stool) (Unica Home)
butterfly stool (Yanagi), red upholstered cube (Estesa stool) (Dane Decor Downtown)
gnome stool (Napoleon) (Minima)
vase-shaped stool (La Boheme stool), storage cube (Prince AHA stool) (Design Within Reach)

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