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Cottage Chic

Kim Kristire introduces cottage chic, one of the hottest and most versatile trends today.

Kim demonstrates how the right mix of colors, fabrics and textures can create a tasteful blend of comfort and fashion. This style is so easy to personalize that the possibilities for cottage decor are endless.

  • Cottage chic is overstuffed upholstery, soft floral fabrics and painted woods. It's one of the hottest trends around that mixes new, worn, elegance and above all, comfort.

  • There's urban cottage with funky touches, bright artwork and neutral background colors.

  • The cottage style creates an inviting atmosphere that makes you want to hang out with friends. It's a versatile look and there are all kinds of cottage:

  • There's handsome cottage, where a man would feel comfortable. Dark wood tones, caramel for texture on the overstuffed couch, a woven coffee table, leather on the chair, faux fur, touches of corduroy and flowers on the pillows in brown and red tones.

    • This look is all about freshening up the things you already own using pillows, slipcovers or simply brightening up a room for spring. Cottage is famous for mixing florals with checks and ticking is also usually involved. As for color, you can choose anything from bright hues to muted tones.

    • There is a cottage look for everyone. Start with a launch pad — a great rug or fabric — and build the room from there. If you want to give a space that cottage look without going overboard, try adding a cheerful braided rug.

    • Kristire believes the cottage look probably originated at someone's relaxed beach house and people decided they'd like the vacation look all year round.

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