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Viva Las Vegas!

Marsha and Jerry Chorpash want to sell their empty nest and take off for Vegas.

Marsha and Jerry Chorpash have lived in their home for the last 30 years, but they are ready to move after he retires. Their destination: Vegas. Before they can hit the road, they have to sell their house. There's a lot of work to be done on this one.

As always, real estate expert Donna Freeman is very frank about what needs to be done to increase the value of this home. She begins by pointing out that the front of the house is blocked by a basketball goal and ATVs, and the pool needs to some maintenance. If potential buyers see a mess on the front of the house, they may be anxious about going inside.

Moving inside is even worse, Freeman says. There is far too much going on — the animal prints and artificial plants are uninviting, and the furniture placement is awkward at best. Everything seems dark and dated.

Designer Lisa LaPorta agrees with Freeman's assessment and establishes her three-step plan for improving this house:

Step 1: Get out of the jungle. Create a more neutral look to appeal to the greatest number of potential buyers.

Step 2: Lighten up. Clear away clutter and emphasize spacious layouts.

Step 3: Minimize problem areas and maximize the positive areas.

She and her contractor and team of carpenters have five days to make these changes happen. They get a little behind schedule, but in the end, they pull if off.

The living room changes are pretty subtle. The furniture has been slightly rearranged, and the bear hide and nearly all the artificial plants are gone.

LaPorta decided that staining the kitchen cabinets and adding new drawer pulls would be a cost-effective way to give this room a contemporary look.

More dramatic changes take place in the rest of the house. It looks like an entirely different residence.

Before: The guest room is nicely sized, but dark and cluttered. It's just one color away from looking like an old-style corner barbershop.

After: Now it is much lighter and appears larger, thanks to the new French door, neutral paint and accessories. The live plant adds some coziness, too.

Before: The animal-print wallpaper in the master bedroom must go. LaPorta wants the carpet gone, too, but one of the homeowners does not agree.

After: The paint, bedding and window treatments are much more soothing. The pale beige wall color helps balance out the dark tone of the carpet.

Before: This master bathroom requires a complete overhaul--from the wallpaper and worn sink down to the dark carpet.

After: The decorative Travertine floor tiles in place of carpet and pedestal sink make for a clean, elegant look.

LaPorta thinks a $50,000 value has been added to this house, especially with regard to the kitchen. We know it was all done with a $2,000 budget. Here's how the costs break down:

pedestal sink $168
tiles and supplies $250
stain and supplies $45
decorative accessories $484
bedding and pillows $403
window treatments $318
paint and supplies $170
French door: $150

Total: $1988

Products from The Home Depot:

1 gallon Ralph Lauren paint for kitchen, Tangier Island NA05
Minwax stain and polyurethane for kitchen cabinets, Forrest Green and Botanical mixed 50/50
polished chrome pulls, 781266297585
polished brass hinges keyed entry set
2 gallons Ralph Lauren paint for guest room, Thunder Bay TH30
3 light polished brass wall sconces for the master bathroom, 718212059685
3 gallons Behr paint for the master bathroom and bedroom, Toasted Wheat 280-E-3

Products from Orchard Supply and Hardware:

Orange Peel spray paint for kitchen, 098951434470 and 098951212658

Products from Contractor's Warehouse:

10 Lite Glass French Door for guest room, 3'-00" x '’-8", 755308003542
floor tile for master bathroom, Chocolate Colored Travertine 12" x 12"
item# 637413 Cafe Tobacco Marble
Almond-colored pedestal sink for master bathroom, 608216

Products from Lowe's:

curtain valance rods for guest room, 180432 and 180419
curtain rod for master bedroom, Bronze 66"-108" rod, 54902
rod finials for master bedroom, 54072
polished brass towel bar and toilet paper holder for master bathroom, Waterbury Brass, 216678 and 216869
72" Tension Shower Rod, 56204 for master bathroom

Products from Linens 'N Things:

Bed 2 Go Bed in a Bag for guest room, Lorenzo, 053124891719
2 Blouson valances for guest room, Lorenzo, 053124891771
risers for bed frame in master bedroom, 089786307435
two decorative pillows, Bergamo, 740845002851

Products from Anna's Linens:

two pillows for guest room, Queen Rise N Shine, 812539
four throw pillows for master bedroom, Black Velvet 18" corded pillows, 814855
four curtain tiebacks for master bedroom, Ebony tieback ropes, 3782
drapery panel for master bathroom, Harmony 84" Black panel, 819346
curtain tieback for master bathroom, 818726
assorted bath towels, Pacific Linen

Products from Home Goods:

Tan quilted coverlet for master bedroom, 170442
three Tan quilted shams for master bedroom, 171157
2 Bronze lamps for master bedroom, 146251 (Bronze with Eggplant shades)
artwork for master bedroom (set of two coordinating prints), 275501

Products from Bed, Bath & Beyond:

four Coffee Bronze drapery panels for master bedroom, Empire 84" Pocket Panels, 7638903172

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