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Box Valance

Shari Hiller was so inspired by the window treatments in Cornelius Vanderbilt II's bedroom at The Breakers, she adapted a simpler version for this guest bedroom.

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Materials and Tools:

iron-on backing
hook and loop tape
decorative trim (braided and fringed)
hot glue gun
tie back pattern
1" x 6" pine lumber
staple gun


1. The box valance is a flat panel of fabric with an iron-on backing to give it some stiffness. Before ironing the backing on, sew one side of a hook and loop tape about an inch down from the top edge on the back of the backing.

2. Iron the backing to the fabric as directed. Trace the desired valance shape on the backing, and then cut it out.

3. Hot-glue the fringed trim to the front of the bottom edge and the braided trim around the other edges to soften them.

4. Secure a box valance made of 1x6 boards as high as possible to accentuate the height of the ceiling using L-brackets and staple the other side of the hook and loop tape to it. Secure the valance in place.

Note: The featured striped drapes have simple rod pocket headers and normal four-inch hems with tie backs that match the valance fabric.

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