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Nightmare Kitchen

Gale Gand is a professional pastry chef who spends most of her time in the kitchen, but the one in her home is truly a nightmare.

For years, Gale Gand and her family have put up with the lack of workspace, worn out appliances and stained carpet. It's time to change, and designer David McNulty has cooked up a plan to give Gale and her family the kitchen of their dreams.

He's going to start from scratch, removing all remnants of the old kitchen. Prairie-style oak cabinets and soapstone and cherry wood countertops will be installed to give Gale more storage and prep space. New, professional-style appliances will replace the battered old ones, and bamboo flooring will brighten the once dingy carpeted floors. It's a tall order, but these homeowners are ready to turn their nightmare into a sweet dream.

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