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Jazzy Craft Products

Every once in awhile when we have a table full of interesting products, there will be an item or two that you might not need or even have a use for, but it has an attraction that just makes you want it.

Such was the case with the beautiful see-through dragonflies and butterflies we had on the show today. Printed on lightweight acetate, these entomologically correct creatures of nature are called Natures’ Illusions from a company called Infinitudes, Inc. They come on a peel-off sheet with enough adhesive on the back to make them stick to a package, even if it's going to be sent through the mail. You rub them with a craft stick to make the bodies adhere to the surface you wish, then bend the wings up to further enhance the illusion of reality. They truly do look as if they are resting before taking flight again.

The next product we had to show was one that I was introduced to a year ago but thought was too potentially dangerous to want to show it on the air. I guess I was wrong because the product has been successfully launched and has many fans in the craft scene. I’m referring to The Color Cutter from Color Cutter. Basically it is a felt-tipped pen that has a small sharp blade buried in the middle of the writing felt. It is used to put a border around cut-outs as you cut.It does an excellent job and truly makes a difference in the appearance of the cut-out. The blade is so attached that you can press your finger against the tip of the pen and not feel the blade, much less have it cut you. I would still keep it out of the hands of the very young.

Simply Stamped has a number of coordinated items on the market to help you make some very clean-looking, understated and handsome note cards. There are the basic cards with small cut-out areas on the front of the card, some softly colored paper frames to fit over the cut-out areas.There are also some very delightful rubber stamps that fit the mood of the cards, and colored gel pens to write your message. No frills, no glitter--just very nice looking cards for you to make and send.

Lake City Crafts, known for their quilling supplies, has some new card kits out that come with the basic card plus whatever materials you might need and a sheet of directions that includes even basic quilling and some of the most popular shapes to make. Quilling strips are included as are quotes from a wide variety of well-known writers to fit any mood or situation you might need.

From Dayco came some lettering templates (discontinued) that are crazy sounding and great fun to use. Each letter is cut from its own piece of plastic and has notches and little blips that will fit and hold any other piece that you put next to it. Putting a word together is not unlike doing a jigsaw puzzle. The pieces and letters will fit together horizontally, vertically or at an angle. By pulling your pencil or pen around the inside lines of the stencil, you can get one effect. Use the outside lines and get a different effect. Or use both the inside and outside line and get something else. A lot of versatility in one little item.

There is good news for those of you who remember seeing bead-artist Lillian Todaro on our show demonstrating how she makes those fabulous beaded necklaces on our show — Lilllian has now come out with kits for some of her more popular pieces. All the tiny and not-so-tiny beads are included, the findings and of course, the directions.

For those of you who like to travel with your crafts, especially you scrapbookers, we brought a few carrying cases to show. The first item from Scrappack is a backpack called Ladybug--for whatever reason I don’t know, but it certainly holds a lot of supplies for the scrapper on the go. The outside pockets hold marking pens, scissors, rubber stamps, ink, embossing powder, a cell phone, heat gun, etc., while the inside has space for a 12" x 12" scrapbook and papers, cutting board, cropper, photographs, etc. It seemed as if the only limitation would be how much weight you could carry and not how many things would fit.

From Crop In Style comes the rolling backpack called "Not Just For Kids." It’s small enough that your daughter might think it’s for her, but it’s meant for mom. And it is what it sounds like...a backpack with wheels and a pull-up handle in case you load it down with too much heavy gear. Smaller than the Ladybug, it has space enough for carrying enough of your gear to get you through a long night of cropping. Should it be raining when you leave, it has its own vinyl cover-up and a piece of water-resistant fabric that is hidden out of sight but will easily slip down and over the wheels to keep them from getting mud on the carpets!

Now, for those of you who would give anything to have a craft table that is just for you and your crafting and is high enough and low enough to be comfortable to stand at or sit at, whichever you prefer. Here are two products which might just make your wish come true. From Right Height Products are the Right Height Table Adjusters, which easily slip under your table legs and add four inches in height to the table. If that is not enough, there are also eight and 12-inch adjusters. And if a card table is all you really need or have room for, they have one with adjustable legs that can take it all the way up to 40 inches.

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