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Charming Bungalow Makeover

A typical bungalow with bland coloring gets some stand-out touches that bring new charm, including new windows, a front door and an upgrade in paint color.

Homeowners Cameron and Jill Imani have tackled interior remodeling projects on their home and are ready to give the exterior some much needed attention. With help from designer John James, they pick a rich new paint color with accent trim, redo their lawn and add some decorative features that complement the bungalow style.

Here's how they accomplish it:

  • tear out shrubs, lawn and old unused walkway
  • remove the brick planter on the lawn and lay in all new sod
  • repair the minimal termite damage
  • paint house dark beige with brown trim with a green accent color along the roofline
  • new windows go in by the front porch and above the garage
  • replace the front door with a new wooden one with windows at the top, which better fit the Bungalow style
  • terra cotta tiles on the stairs and porch
  • pavers go down in a lattice pattern for a pathway at the side of the house
  • driveway gets a new coat of paint
  • new copper house numbers, mailbox, bench and porchlights
  • landscaping features include new shade-tolerant plants, an orange tree and an herb garden

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