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Vintage Style

Christy Crafton of Country Sampler Decorating Ideas shares simple ways to give your home a touch of femininity.

If you like the look of yesteryear and want to give your home a touch of femininity, Christy Crafton of Country Sampler Decorating Ideas magazine says it's easy to do. Vintage items can be found lots of places and add plenty of design beauty.

Search flea markets for straw hats and once you've got a sizeable collection, display them on the wall for a relaxed, romantic touch.

A collection of compacts displayed in a shadow-box table creates a mosaic-style effect under glass. Slip a picture in an open compact for a twist on a framed photo.

Give vintage snap purses a new use as desk organizers in a romantic-styled office.

Layer hankies on a fabric-topped table to add a touch of romantic flair in a small area.

Decorate a satin-covered dress mannequin with pearls around the neck.

Favorite pins are displayed on a fabric sash secured around the mannequin's waist.

A simpler dress mannequin is jazzed up with a tape-measure tie, a decoupaged lampshade and a fabric skirt. The lampshade is held on to the top with a wooden spool.

Two pairs of ladies' gloves are used to frame a turn-of-the-century fashion print.

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