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Mica Trivet Frame

Monica Heeren shows how to turn a discount store metal trivet into a nice frame.

Project by Monica Heeren.

Turn a discount store metal trivet into a sophisticated frame with mica, wire and instant rusting paint.


metal trivet or eight 5/16" dia. dowels, 8" each
Shellac Bond Mica sheet
brown paint
Sophisticated Finishes Rust Antiquing Set
18- and 22-gauge brown wire
wire cutters
round nose pliers
fine-grade sandpaper
paint brush
hot glue gun and glue sticks
craft knife


1. Prep trivet for painting by sanding the finish.

2. Paint trivet or wooden dowels with a base coat of brown paint and let dry.

3. Arrange dowels in a grid pattern and hot glue at joints.

4. Wrap the outer-most trivet joints with 22-gauge wire to make it appear to be lashed together.

5. Paint the trivet with step one of the rust paint process (Iron Metallic Surfacer), paying particular attention to the wired joints.

6. Measure and cut mica to 4" x 4" and 3" x 4".

7. Cut two pieces of 18-gauge wire, 9 inches each. Mark the wire 2-1/2 inches from each end.

8. With round nose pliers, curl the wire ends up to the marked point, creating an elongated "S" shape. Hammer the curled ends until the wire flattens. Repeat with second wire.

9. Make a wide "X" with the two wires. Lay the 3" x 4" mica piece on top.

Bend the wire curls to the front of the mica and press flat. Secure the wire "X" with dots of glue on the back of the mica.

10. Glue the large piece of mica to the back of the trivet.

11. Glue the small piece of mica to the front of the trivet.

12. With a paint brush, apply step two (Rust Antiquing Solution) to all previously prepared areas on the mica. Let dry. The rusting will begin and continue over the next 8 to 48 hours.

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