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Sewing Room Makeover for Less Than $500

Designer Barbara Sculati transforms an empty basement into a vintage sewing room.

Host Joan Steffend and designer Barbara Sculati turn an unfinished basement into a sewing room with vintage appeal.

$90 - Beadboard
Two walls are covered up with beadboard paneling.

  • beadboard: Menard's - Georgia Pacific Trim N Save, SKU 81999 07261 2

$50 - Paint
All of the walls are painted a spring-green color to brighten up the small room.

  • paint: Behr - 390D-5 Sea Kelp

$25 - Window Treatment
An unfinished quilt top is fashioned into a Roman shade. It's paired with a padded fabric valance embellished with tape measures woven on top to reinforce the sewing room theme.

$18 - Molding
In lieu of traditional crown molding, white craft beads are attached to a 1x4 board for a more vintage look.

$54 - Shelving
Bi-fold doors are set upon metal brackets and hidden behind a fabric curtain.

$86 - Carpet

$15 - Shelves
The legs from two antique ironing boards are removed and the boards are repurposed into shelves for over the work table and sewing table. One of the shelves is outfitted with a fluorescent light; lace from an old tablecloth disguises the light.

$25 - Cutting Table
A work table updated with a new vinyl top and fabric skirt is situated adjacent to the sewing table.

$5 - Chair

$5 - Closet
Another curtain hides a bookshelf placed into a small closet. They decoupage the surface with old dress patterns for a charming addition to the room.

$6 - Pocket Storage
Two matching door pockets are crafted out of leftover white laminate and a myriad of vintage fabrics.

$16 - Lighting

$65 - Accessories
Storage is essential so they bring in glass jars and baskets to help organize sewing necessities.

$30 - Space Heater

$497 - Total Cost

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