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Before and After: Art Work and Color Living Room Redesign

Two redesigners add color and art to a living room.

Redesigners Debora Goodacre and Jackie Davis bring excitement to a room with color, grand artwork and a new furniture arrangement.

  • The sofa is repositioned directly opposite the fireplace. The two club chairs are situated in front of the fireplace, angled in towards the sofa.
  • The large coffee table, red upholstered chair and patterned rug are brought back into the room.
  • An armoire and bench are swapped to make better use of the space.
  • The existing artwork featuring delicate landscapes is replaced with dramatic portraits that better fit the room's grand architecture.

Davis shares her tips for placing a piano in a room:

  • Place it so that the beautiful curves are facing into the room and the performer is looking out at guests.
  • Open up the top to showcase the interior.

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