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Retro Lunchbox Clock

Create a lunchbox that functions as a clock by following these steps.

Project by Cheryl Ball.

Materials and Tools:

metal lunchbox
retro fabric, towels, or tablecloth
Jewel Glue
1" flat paint brush
palette or plate for paint
small sharp scissors
pinking shears
Walnut Hollow clock works
small block of scrap wood
paper towels
water cup
cotton swabs
Delta Ceramcoat satin decoupage medium
Delta PermEnamel Air-Dry Paint: Red Red
Delta Stamp and Stencil Sponges
drill with metal bit to fit clock works
1 yard 1" red grosgrain ribbon or desired color
small red rickrack


1. Carefully cut out the desired designs from the fabric. Position in place on the front of the box. Use the 1-inch flat brush to apply an even coat of the decoupage medium to a section of the box just larger than the cut out design. Immediately place the fabric into the decoupage and brush another coat over the top to hold in place. Continue with the remainder of the fabric pieces on the front and sides of the box. Let dry.

2. Squeeze red PermEnamel onto the plate/palette. Use the scissors to cut 1/4 inch off the tapered end of the wedge sponge. Tap this end into the paint and pounce off excess on the plate. Sponge equally spaced stripes around the outside edge of the lid. Let dry.

3. Referring to photo, apply Jewel Glue to one side of the baby rickrack and glue to the back and front edges of the box.

4. Determine the position of the clock and make a small pencil mark at the stem. Open the lid of the box and place the backside onto the block of wood. Use a hammer and nail to create a small starting hole for the drill. Carefully drill the hole with the drill. Use the hammer to flatten area around hole.

5. Assemble the clock on the lid following package instructions.

6. Referring to photo, add cotton swab dots of red PermEnamel in place of the numbers. Dip into the paint for each dot to create a uniform size. Let dry.

7. Tie a bow of ribbon around the handle and trim ends.

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