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Safari Style

Twinkling lights and textural accents come together for a safari-style bedroom.

Barb Lee thought she knew a lot about Alston Gardner because she planned events for his company. But it was what she didn't know that would eventually make her fall in love with him. It was the way he saw the world — his passion for travel and different cultures — that drew her in. In fact, Alston was so taken with Africa and its culture that Barb created a bedroom just for him.

The result is truly an African fantasy. Flanking the bed are two shields that have been reworked and rewired into functional light sconces. Above the bed is a domed canopy draped in sheer, red fabric that serves as a screen for a fiber optic light design that looks like twinkling stars. In the corner is their very own "safari tent." Behind the rough-hewn linen is what looks to be a lit sky — however, this stars in this indoor sky are achieved with simple Christmas lights.

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