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Hotel-Like Bedroom

See a bedroom that's a respite from the hustle and bustle of the big city.

You know that peaceful feeling you get in a really great hotel with big and comfortable beds and fabrics that make you feel like royalty? Well there's no reason you can't have that each time you step into your own bedroom. For Nancy Soriano, the editor-in-chief of Country Living magazine, her master bedroom is an oasis, a place where the worries of the big city fade away and dreams of what the next day might bring come into focus.

The room's design began with a yellow and white toile that she's used on the windows, bed and furniture — she said if could have found the matching wallpaper she would have used it as well. She went with a ticking paper instead, which gives contrast to the more lively toile pattern. Shades of cream and green accent the sunny yellow room. An oversized mirror is strategically placed to reflect the sunlight and create the feeling of a much larger space. A bench below the mirror acts as a small dressing table making room for a few perfumes and cosmetics, all arranged in elegant crystal and ceramic containers.

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