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Mission-Style Masterpiece

An overgrown backyard gets a a Mission-style makeover.

Unsuspecting homeowner Gina Lyons is seeing double as her twin sons, Jonathan and Justin Avnon, have asked host Susie Coelho and the Outer Spaces team to revitalize their overgrown backyard into a Mission-style masterpiece.

Before: This lawn has been neglected for years. It's completely overgrown with tall weeds and is full of holes from the two family dogs. Homeowner Gina Lyons doesn't like to look outside because the current view is less than inspiring.


After: The surprise makeover includes a lush grassy area surrounded by planting beds full of golden euonymus, bougainvillea, roses and bird of paradise. Landscape designer Dennis Licitro is in on the fun of taming the weeds, as well as the family dogs Lucky and Toby. The result is a reclaimed yard that's beautiful, functional and ready for entertaining.


Before: Weeds, weeds and more weeds is the only way to describe the yard in its current state.


After: Sod creates an instant lawn, while curved planting beds soften the surrounding walls. A stepping stone path leads to a fountain and a beautiful view of the mountains.


Before: Although the patio is large, it's basically empty and doesn't have any furniture for entertaining or enjoying the yard.


After: New furniture, rugs, potted plants and a faux fireplace that hides the air conditioning unit transform the bare patio into a functional and attractive seating area.

chandelier (IKEA)
side table and benches (Jayco Unpainted Furniture)
sconces and candles (Target)


Dennis Licitro's plan includes a lush lawn area in the center, ornamental grasses to disguise the walls around the property and a soothing water feature. Furniture will make the patio functional.


An unhealthy peach tree that's surrounded by bricks becomes the perfect spot for a fountain. In cold climates, be sure to drain the water before the first freeze.

Air conditioning unit

This unattractive air conditioning unit doesn't fit in with the Mission style that will be created on the patio so a faux fireplace is designed to cover it.

Faux fireplace

Terra-cotta tiles placed around the base are topped with a row of bricks and a box that resembles a fireplace with an opening covered in weed screen. The top is then covered with more tiles and accessories that can be easily removed when the A/C is on. A fireplace screen is the finishing touch.

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