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Origami Wish Mobile

Recycling artist Chris Mobley shares a group project idea for a baby shower.

Try a group craft project instead of playing the same old games at the baby shower. Recycling artist Chris Mobley explains how to get everyone involved in making an origami (Japanese paper folding technique) wish mobile.

Paper Airplane

Materials and Tools:

colored origami paper (foil on one side, white on the other; available at craft stores), wrapping paper or just craft paper
black markers
mobile form


  1. Pass out origami papers to each guest and have them write a wish on the white side for the parents of the baby or other family members.

  2. Fold each piece of paper in half, then fold down the top two corners until they meet on the inside.

  3. Fold left side in halfway, then do the same with the other side.

  • Fold left side over on top of right side, then pull back the "wings" of the airplane.

    * Note: Origami paper typically comes with instructions for various shapes, so if you don't already know how, that will help.

  • Crane

    Making crane figurines is a little tougher, but it will be a fun challenge for your party guests.


    1. Start with the colored side and fold it corner to corner.

    2. Open it back up and do the same thing on the opposite corner.

  • Turn paper colored side down, fold long side to long side. Open back up and do the same on the opposite side.

  • Pick up the paper and push the creases inside to make a diamond shape, based on all the folds that you've already made.

  • Fold diamond shape over on all four sides until you get something that looks like a kite.

  • Open up the kite shape on both sides and flatten it, then flip over the edges on all four sides until you get something that looks like this.

  • Flip up bottom corners.

  • Unfold paper into the bird or crane shape.

    Now that you've made your mobile pieces, it's time to put together the actual mobile. All you need are some coat hangers and dental floss. The number of hangers you'll use depends on the amount of guests you'll have. Just follow the simple steps below and you'll be all set.



    1. Take the cardboard pieces off the hangers (in this case) and bend them outward.

  • Connect them at the hook with dental floss.

  • Tie extra pieces of floss all along the hangers for guests to hang their airplanes or cranes.

  • Simply attach the origami pieces with transparent tape.

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