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East Sophistication Bedroom

Janine, a standup comedian who worked at a law firm prior to her onstage career, redecorates this bachelor's home.

Three bachelors vie for Janine's redecoration:

  • Mark is a bright, confident, outgoing guy who also has aspirations as a standup comedian. He enjoys quiet time and going up to the rooftop patio to relax and play guitar.
  • Lifestyle and environment are very important to Greg. Both at home and outside of it, he is aware of his surroundings and has put a lot of effort into finding the right place to live, one that gives him space, quiet and comfort.
  • Cass is a 42-year-old New Yorker who is into the social scene, both professionally and personally. On the business side, he runs a website that provides professionals with upscale outings and social events.


With the help of design expert Joe Nahem, Janine proceeds to transform one lucky fellow's bedroom. Nahem plays up Janine's favorite color red because of the energy, warmth and sensuality it gives off. The window in the room is enhanced as an architectural element, and using upholstered panels, Nahem puts the focus on the bed by dressing it in luxurious linens. The makeover, whose style Nahem dubs East Sophistication, is a complete success.



multi-striped red carpet, bedding, white chair, wall sconces, fabric for headboard and bed skirt, prints above the bed, floor lamp, bedroom accessories - Terence Conran Shop
wood and glass screen - Battaglie's
white floating shelf, doors for wardrobe, metal picture frames - IKEA

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