Art-Inspired Designs

These homeowners are all inspired by famous works of art and would love to see their favorite paintings come to life in their own front yards.

Our homeowners for this competition are not only gardening enthusiasts but also art lovers. They want their passion for art to carry out in their front yards, with designs inspired by their favorite artists. Bonnie Tann owns a Victorian home and would love her front yard to look like a Thomas Kinkade painting, "Victorian Garden II" (Kinkade, the "painter of light," is known for his beautiful landscapes). Across the street are Paul King and Paul Nielsen, who own a 1907 Craftsman four-square. They are inspired by a painting called "The Garden" by German-born August Macke. Macke painted this impressionist work in 1906, the same year their house was built. We have the perfect landscape designer for our art-loving homeowners. Joan Grabel owns Park Slope Design and before her design career started 12 years ago, Grabel was an accomplished painter, exhibiting in galleries and museum. She has always hoped that someday someone would ask her to design a landscape inspired by a work of art.

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