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Combined Households Strive for Contemporary Master Bedroom

Eric Smith and Kimberly Davis are combining households and need a master bedroom that accommodates all of their belongings.

Eric Smith and Kimberly Davis are combining households and need a master bedroom that accommodates all of their belongings. Right now the room only reflects Kimberly's style so they're hoping the design team can create a look that suits them both.


The Dilemma

Host Lee Snijders meets with the couple to determine the design direction. He decides the room's current feminine style and bright yellow wall will have to go and, after meeting with design coordinators Summer Baltzer and Charles Burbridge, decides that in its place will be a contemporary look styled after the modern cubist movement.
The other issues in the space include: lack of adequate storage for Smith's clothes, outdated furniture, no window treatments and inadequate lighting. Since the existing carpet is dark blue, Snijders will design the space using a variety of shades from the blue color palette.


The Solution

The design team makes room for two in the master bedroom — here's how they get it done on the $1,000 budget:

The bedroom transformation begins by getting rid of the bright yellow wall and painting the room pewter gray with accents in various shades of blue. Burbridge tapes off square patterns on several of the walls and before he paints the shapes, he adds a clear acrylic medium to the tape edge to ensure a sharp line once the tape is removed.

Baltzer builds two flip-top upholstered ottomans to add more storage into the small space. She builds the boxes out of particleboard, paints the interior the same gray used on the walls and when dry, applies a coat of polyurethane. The box is wrapped with batting and fabric; the top is fitted with a piece of foam and wrapped with batting and fabric as well. The top is attached with a piano hinge for easy access inside the ottoman.

Two bedside lamps, two floating shelves used for bedside tables and a bookcase complete the new look.


The existing outdated dresser is replaced with a bigger piece that better fits the style of the room. The mini-blinds are replaced with blue Roman shades that will block out the morning sun.

The white sliding closet doors are painted in various shades of blue to tie in with the theme.

Snijders creates a cubist-influenced headboard out of 1x3 boards. Once the wood frame is constructed and stained, he traces the interior shapes onto the wall behind the bed and Burbridge paints each shape a shade of blue. Snijders finishes the headboard with fluorescent tubes in a few of the sections and covers them with Plexiglas.

The Cost

Furniture - $481

  • three-drawer dresser: IKEA - Haddal
  • bookcase: IKEA - Billy, #60043723

Accessories and lighting - $309

  • Roman shades: IKEA - Gustava, blue/#17938
  • table lamps: Bed, Bath and Beyond - Equis, #79891980481
  • queen pillow shams: Bed, Bath and Beyond - #8642
  • queen comforter: Bed, Bath and Beyond - Blue, #8776
  • queen sheets: Bed, Bath and Beyond - #8259

Headboard - $154

Paint and stains - $55

  • wall paint: Benjamin Moore - #2112-50, Stormy Monday
  • paint: Benjamin Moore - #839, Old Blue Jean; #836, Sea View; #840, Kingston Blue

Project Total - $999

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