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Audience Show and Tell: Snowmen, Santa Claus Jars, German Star Frames

Viewers share how they make their own holiday decor. Follow these tips to make your own holiday decor.

Mickie Enders from Saugus, Calif., shared her snowman ornaments. She begins with a clear glass ball, removes the top, and fills the ball with artificial snow. She glues the cap back on and then presses and glues a plastic foam ball onto the cap. She ties a fabric scrap around the neck and then decorates them with polymer clay noses and pompom earmuffs.

Leona Nelson from Buena Park, Calif., turns face cream containers into Santa Claus with polymer clay. She removes the outside casing (either breaks it off or heats in oven to melt it off) and then covers the container with clay and clay features to make it look like Santa.

Rosanne Vrugtman from Hazelwood, Mo., uses halves of German stars to create frames. She leaves the tails on the opposite corners of each star and then fits two together with the tails, leaving off the points on the backs of the stars.

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