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Audience Show and Tell: Holiday Birdhouses, Bowling Pin Characters

Viewers share how to make holiday decor with paper mache and old bowling pins. Follow these tips to make your own holiday decor.

Krystyna Olsen from Woodland Hills, Calif., shared the birdhouse ornaments that she makes using paper mache birdhouses. She first glues on fabric and then makes shingles out of double box-pleated ribbon, which she dies, presses and cuts in half before gluing on the birdhouse roofs.

She tops the shingles with decorative snow paint and embellishes using flowers, greenery and even some birds.

Ann Naylor from Laguna Hills, Calif., has found a way to recycle the old bowling pins that her local bowling center discards. She paints them to look like holiday characters, like Santa Claus, snowmen and angels.

She then adds buttons, fur, hair, ribbon, and other trims as fitting for each one.

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