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Audience Show and Tell: Christmas Rebus, Snowmen, Velvet Envelopes

Viewers share how they make their own holiday items. Follow these tips to make your own holiday basket, velvet envelopes and rebus letter.

Carolyn Nalley from Kansas City, Mo., uses the tube-sock snowmen from episode CDW-403 to create snowman centerpieces and place settings.

She uses infant, toddler, boys and adult socks to make the different sizes of snowmen.

Martha Schroeder from Oxnard, Calif., shared the velvet embossed envelopes she uses for gift certificates, photographs, hand-delivered invitations, and in various other ways.

She uses an envelope template to cut out the velvet, which she embosses with rubber stamps and an iron. She fuses stamped paper on the back to give it more stability, scores along the fold lines, and holds it closed with a ribbon and some greenery.

Via telephone, Sharon Sparks from Hermitage, Tenn., shared the Rebus letters--those letters that incorporate images in place of some words--that she creates for her Christmas letter to friends and family.

She creates the images with rubber stamps, some of which are enlarged or reduced to get uniform sizes.

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