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Audience Show and Tell: Key Candles, Village Ornaments

Viewers share their holiday ideas. Follow these steps on how to make your own candles and village ornaments.

Karen Meyer from Las Vegas, Nev. adds a bit of whimsy and suspense to the gifts she gives. She places the gift in a wooden box locked with a small padlock.

The box is accompanied by a tall candle in a glass jar, which she decorates with decals, etc. The fun part is this: Karen puts the key to the box lock in the bottom of the candle.

The seven-day jar candles or shorter ones like these determine how long it will be before the recipient receives the gift. You can see more of Karen's projects on her website,

Jeanne Smith from Monterey, Calif., begins her Christmas village ornaments with a photo or drawing of the building--or a painting that she did herself. She trims a plastic foam ball into a house shape with a wire hook in the top and glues that onto a notecard.

The roof is covered with crepe paper; the sides are covered with masking-tape "stucco" or newsprint "wood" siding. She paints them and adds details with acrylic paint and then "landscapes" with dried flowers.

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