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Bottle Decor, Gingerbread and Angel Ornaments

Holiday Workshop audience members share their holiday crafts including gift bottle decor, gingerbread ornments made with terra cotta pots and angel ornaments made from plastic cross stitch canvas.

Holiday Workshop audience member Patricia Maddaford from Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif., shares her idea for dressing a wine bottle for gift giving.

She adorns a small grapevine wreath by gluing on a generous amount of bows, flowers, berries and leaves all around the circumference, then slips the wreath onto the neck of the bottle for a lovely display.

She also uses the same materials and technique to make napkin rings. Very festive.

Holiday Workshop audience member Marie Rahmel from Encinitas, Calif.

Marie makes adorable gingerbread ornaments using wooden balls, small terra cotta or wooden pots, and twine for legs. She inserts a tiny eye bolt in the wooden head for tying on a cord to hang the ornament.

Marie also uses these adorable dolls as place card holders for a holiday table setting.

Darlene Rahmel is Marie's daughter, and she also crafts ornaments.

Darlene fashions angels from rings of plastic cross-stitch canvas and plastic or wooden ball heads.

First Darlene covers the canvas by stitching over it with yarn then flips the ring inside itself twice to form the standing angel body. She covers a second, smaller ring of plastic with yarn to serve as the angel's halo.

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