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College Closet Essentials

A fashion expert points out clothing that every college student should have.

Don't take every piece of clothing you own to college. You won't wear them all, and you surely won't have enough space to store them in your dorm room.

  • Try to spend $250 to $300 for basic essentials. It is worth it to spend more for the pieces you will wear over and over.

  • Jeans are an essential. Go middle-of-the-road when selecting a color and style — not too dark, too light or too trendy.

  • As far as T-shirts, go basic for comfort and versatility, and get both long and short sleeve ones.

  • Essentials for girls are jeans, sneakers, a hooded sweatshirt and roomy purse.

  • Guys should always have a pair of shorts and a button-down shirt.

  • A basic outfit for socializing should include loafers, khakis and a collared shirt.

  • A good staple for girls is a knee-length skirt and a collared shirt — it's one step dressier than a T-shirt.

  • A basic social outfit for girls should include a dark pair of capris or pants, sandals, and a fun top that plays around with fabric and color.

  • Both guys and girls need a cozy sweatshirt.

  • Scarves are a fun and inexpensive accessory that provide a touch of color as well as warmth.

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