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How to Make Tiny Tannenbaum Ornaments and Garland

Decorate your home for the holidays with handmade ornaments, garland and sparkle snowflakes.

With tiny Christmas trees so popular, it seemed time to make some tiny ornaments to decorate them. Of course there are many such commercial ornaments on the market, but as a crafter, it seemed like a fun challenge to do some of our own creating. These are easy.

Sparkle Snowflakes


white foam plates
snowflake die and Sizzix die-cut machine
glitter glue
wire ornament hangers
1/16" paper punch (optional)


1. Cut the rim from the foam plate and cut remaining circle into pieces that will fit into the Sizzix machine.

2. Punch out snowflakes.

3. Randomly punch holes in the snowflakes to give a lacy look.

4. Dab a bit of glitter glue (silver or gold or iridescent) onto a snowflake and spread around with your finger. Allow to dry.

5. Insert wire or fine gold cord hanger and display on your holiday tree.

Bottle Cap Ornaments


bottle caps
small rubber stamp
glitter glue
circle punch
needle tool
hanging cord
index cards or card stock
gold pen (optional)
hammer (optional)


1. Clean bottle cap if necessary. Place open edge side down and press needle tool into fluted edge. Push and twist it thru the metal to make a hole for the hanging cord.

2. Optional: Turn cap open side up and pound around the edges with a hammer to slightly flatten the sides.

3. Stamp a number of images small enough to fit inside bottle cap. Color and decorate with glitter glue as desired.

4. Punch out stamped image the exact size or slightly smaller than the bottle cap. If using a paper punch, place the punch upside down so entire image is visible when you punch it out.

5. Glue punched out image into bottle cap. Be certain to position it so the hole for the hanging cord is at the top.

6. Outline the outside edge of the punched out image with glitter glue.

7. If the top of the cap has printing on it, paint over it with a gold pen.

8. Add a hanging cord and hang on your Christmas tree.

3-D Ball Ornaments


foam plates
circle paper punch or circle die-cut and Sizzix machine
craft knife
acrylic paint
gold pen


1. Cut rim from foam plate and paint the remaining circle as desired.

2. Cut plate into smaller pieces. Punch many small circles using paper punch or Sizzix machine. You will need three circles for each ornament. Ours measured about 1-1/2-inch in diameter.

3. Cut one of the circles in half. Midway on each cut side make a cut half the distance to the outside edge. Make them more than just a slice; the cuts must be the width of the thickness of the foam (approximately 1/16 inch). Note: Before making the cuts in the foam circles, you may find it helpful to cut yourself three cardstock circles as guides.

4. On the second circle, make a cut from the outside edge straight up the middle to the center of the circle.

5. On the third circle, make a similar cut from the outside edge straight up the middle to the center and halfway up each curved outside edge make another cut straight toward the center, but only half way to the center.

6. Fit the three circles together. Fit the two full circles together, then fit the half circles into the cuts on the outside edges.

7. Cover the outside edges with a coating from the gold pen or a line of glitter glue.

8. Thread a hanging cord through the foam. Display on your holiday tree.

Star Garland


gold or silver fine cording
glitzy adhesive-backed papers
tiny bells or sparkle beads
needle for stringing beads or bells
small star punch
cutting mat (optional)
tweezers (optional)

Note: The size of the beads and punched stars will be determined by the size of the tree. The smaller the tree, the smaller the items.


1. Cut a length of cording to use as the base for the garland. A 6-foot length is good for starters. Thread through a needle small enough to go through the beads or bells.

2. Punch out many stars in a variety of colors or in all of one color.

3. Tape one end of the cording to the cutting mat at the 0 measurement. Peel the backing from one of the punched stars and place under the cording at the 3-inch mark. The sticky side will be face up. Peel off another star and, with the help of tweezers, place it on top of the first star.

4. Thread a bead or bell onto the cording and glue it in place about 5 inches from the first star.

5. About 3 inches from the bell or bead, attach another star. Continue in this manner for the full length of the cord. Wrap around a Christmas tree, and if more is needed, make another one.

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