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How to Make an Exhausted Santa Clay Box

Serve homemade Christmas holiday candies in your exhausted Santa clay box. Follow these instructions from viewer Becky Meverden.


3 oz. blocks Kato Polyclay:
3 green #12308
2 red #12303
1 white #12309
1 beige #12318
1 black #12311
Kato Nublade
4" round papier mache box
pasta machine or acrylic roller
Aleene's Original Tacky Glue
spotter paintbrush
small paintbrush
acrylic paint: white, brown, green
E-6000 adhesive
parchment paper


1. Draw a line around the bottom of the papier mache box top to mark where the top meets the bottom.

2. To cover the box in clay: Condition all clay according to manufacturer's instructions. Flatten several sheets of green clay through the pasta machine at a #1 (1/8-inch) setting. Place both the top and bottom of the box on the green clay sheets and use a blade to cut around them for a top and a bottom. Set these aside.

3. Apply a thin layer of glue to both the top and the bottom of the box. On the bottom, do not apply glue over the pencil line. Let the glue set for a few minutes.

Figure A

4. Cut sheets of clay to go around the sides of the box bottom and around the sides of the box top. Press them in place; trim excess clay and smooth seams with your fingers (figure A).

Figure B

5. For the box trim, roll a 1-1/4-inch ball of white and a 1-1/4-inch ball of red into logs. Twist both logs together and roll into a ball. Roll out into a 1/4-inch diameter log, twisting as you roll. Press around both ends of the top and around the bottom of the box (figure B).

Figure C

6. For Santa's body, roll a 13/16-inch ball of red into a 1-1/8-inch-long cone. For the belt, flatten a sheet of black clay through the pasta machine at a #5 (1/32-inch) setting. Use the blade to cut a 1/8-inch-wide strip. Wrap the strip around the widest part of the body (figure C).

Figure D

7. For the legs, roll two 1/2-inch balls of red into 3/4-inch-long tapered logs. For the feet, roll two 1/2-inch balls of beige into 1/2-inch-long logs. Press one end of each foot against a flat surface to shape into a foot. For toes, roll ten 1/16-inch balls of beige and press five together and the other five together on the end of each foot (figure D).

Figure E

8. For the pants cuff, roll a 1/8-inch diameter log of white. Flatten slightly and wrap around each leg where the leg meets the foot. Press legs onto both sides of the body (figure E).

9. For the arms, roll two 1/2-inch balls of red clay into 1-inch-long tapered logs. For the jacket cuffs, roll a 1/8-inch-diameter log of white. Flatten slightly and wrap around each arm.

Figure F

10. For the hands, flatten two 1/4-inch balls of beige into teardrops. Press onto the end of each arm. Press the arms to both sides of the upper part of the body (figure F).

Figure G

11. For the head, roll a 11/16-inch ball of beige. For the beard, flatten a 9/16-inch ball of white into a beard shape. Use a toothpick to texture. For the mustache, roll a 1/16-inch-diameter white log to 3 inches long. Fold log in half and twist. Curl both ends and press onto the head (figure G).

Figure H

12. For the nose, roll a 1/16-inch ball of beige and press onto the center of the mustache. Use a toothpick to make a hole under the mustache for the mouth (figure H).

Figure I

13. Press head onto the top of the body (figure I).

Figure J

14. For the hat, roll a 3/4-inch ball of red into a 1-3/4-inch-long tapered log. For the brim, roll a 3/16-inch diameter white log. Flatten slightly and wrap around the bottom of the hat. For the pompom, roll a 5/16-inch ball of white and press onto the end of the hat (figure J).

Figure K

15. For the boots, roll two 9/16-inch balls of black into 1/2-inch-long logs. Flatten one end of each log against a flat surface to shape into a boot (figure K).

16. Bake the box, Santa, hat and boots on a sheet of parchment paper at 270 F degrees for 25 minutes. Let cool.

17. For Santa's eyes, use a spotter paintbrush to paint two brown half circles above the mustache.

18. Use green paint to paint the inside of the box and the outside of the bottom of the box that isn't covered with clay. Use the blunt end of a paint brush to dot the box with white paint. Let dry.

19. Position Santa, hat and boots on top of the box and attach using E-6000 adhesive.

Present your Exhausted Santa Clay Box as a gift for the Christmas holiday.

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