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Country Girls' Rooms

Kelly Keener's two little girls, Kloee and Sofee, are lucky -- they've got beautifully designed rooms that even "big" girls admire.

As a former visual coordinator for a department store, Kelly Keener was always working with color and design. Since she became a stay-at-home mom, she's employed her design instincts by creating two special spaces for her little girls. Both feature soft colors and whimsical accents that combine for a playful cottage country design.

Kloee's room is awash in seafoam green and periwinkle. A small armoire and table feature a green and white checked design. Large wooden balls are used for drawer pulls. A playful dollhouse-shaped bookshelf houses stuffed animals, books and toys. Interesting outdoorsy touches include the miniature white-picket fence attached to the lower part of the walls. Keener painted simple wooden birdhouses to match the room and used them as wall accents to reinforce the cottage theme.

Sofee's room is a fun country nursery decorated in an array of sweet pastels. Green and white painted stripes add interest to a flea-market chest. One wall is painted cheery yellow, while an adjacent wall is painted soft blue for contrast.

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