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How to Make a Glass Ornament Place Card Holder

Use these glass ornaments as place card holders on your table. Follow these instructions by Tim Holtz to make your own ornaments.


Ranger Perfect Pearls pigment powders
US ArtQuest Duo adhesive
Deco Art Americana lamp black acrylic paint
clear glass ornament
extra ornament cap wire
plastic cup
glass bobeche (candle wax catcher)


1. Create ornament holder by piercing plastic cup with needle tool (two holes approximately 1-1/2 inch apart) and insert toothpick through both holes (figure A).

2. Remove metal top from glass ornament. Pour in Duo adhesive and coat inside of ornament completely by tipping the ball around until the inside is covered (figure B).

3. Turn ball upside down and place in a plastic cup/ornament holder to allow excess adhesive in ornament to drain out. Let dry until clear.

4. Apply Perfect Pearls to the inside of the ornament by tapping in powders using a small paintbrush (figure C). Be sure to use plenty of powder.

5. Repeat with as many colors as you want. Shake powders inside the ornament to completely cover the inside (figure D).

6. Pour diluted black acrylic paint mixture (50% paint/50% water) into ornament. Coat inside of ornament completely by tipping the ball until covered (figure E).

7. Turn ball upside down and place in the same plastic cup used for adhesive to drain in, and allow to drain and dry completely again (figure F).

8. Replace metal top on ornament. Remove wire from additional metal ornament cap and add to finished ornament (figure G).

9. Do not try to add both wires at the same time or you could break the ornament (figure H).

10. Slip a placecard between two wires in ornament cap (figure I).

11. Place the finished ornament on top of a turned-over glass bobeche (figure J).


Place at your holiday table to give as gifts to your holiday dinner guests.

Create several ornaments to decorate your home by clustering the ornaments in a glass bowl for a decorative centerpiece.

Add ornaments to a wreath for beautiful home decor.

Turn ornaments upside down and place in glass candlestick holders to place on your mantel.

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