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How to Make a Fleece Santa Scarf

Create a cozy fleece scarf in the shape of Santa Claus. Follow these steps by Ana A. Araujo.


red fleece
white fleece
felt squares: flesh, pink
two black buttons
fusible adhesive
white yard
pinking sheers
sewing machine
fabric glue


1. Cut a 13" x 60" piece of red fleece.

2. Cut a 8" x 7" piece of white fleece. From this piece, cut a 6-1/2" x 2-3/4" strip for the cuff on Santa's hat, plus two eyebrows and one mustache.

3. Cut two 6-1/2" x 6" piece of white fleece.

4. Cut a 6-1/2" x 5" piece of flesh felt for the face and one 1-1/2" circle for the nose.

5. Cut three pieces of pink felt in 1-1/2-inch circles.

6. Iron fusible adhesive to the back of these pieces.

Figure A

7. To assemble: Fold the red fleece in half and pin. Taper one end to a V to be the tip of Santa's hat. (figure A).

8. Topstitch the open end or use 5/8-inch fusible adhesive. At the other end, fuse the piece of flesh felt to one side. Note: When fusing the adhesive to the fleece cover the fleece with a paper towel or cotton fabric. This will prevent the iron from melting the fleece.

Figure B

9. Fuse on the mustache, cheeks, mouth, and eyebrows (figure B).

10. Fuse the white fleece strip overlapping 1 inch of the top of the flesh felt.

Figure C

11. Sew the white fleece squares one on each side, over lapping 1/2-inch of the edge (figure C).

12. Glue on buttons for eyes.

Figure D

13. To make the nose, baste the flesh felt circle with a needle and thread, put a small amount of stuffing in the center, pull the base thread to gather around the stuffing (figure D), and tie off.

Figure E

14. Glue the nose to the face (figure E).

Figure F

15. With pinking sheers, cut 1/2-inch strips on the white fleece squares (this will be the beard as well as the fringe on the scarf) (figure F).

Figure G

16. Make a large pompom out of the white yarn: Lay a 10-inch piece of embroidery floss over a 3" x 4" piece of cardboard. Wrap yarn around the cardboard (figure G).

Figure H

17. Sew to the tapered tip at the other end of the scarf (figure H).

Alternative designs

Variation: You can use this same idea and make child's face or favorite animal. Or, change a few things around and make a snowman.

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