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How to Make a Fleece Santa Scarf

Create a cozy fleece scarf in the shape of Santa Claus. Follow these steps by Ana A. Araujo.


red fleece
white fleece
felt squares: flesh, pink
two black buttons
fusible adhesive
white yard
pinking sheers
sewing machine
fabric glue


1. Cut a 13" x 60" piece of red fleece.

2. Cut a 8" x 7" piece of white fleece. From this piece, cut a 6-1/2" x 2-3/4" strip for the cuff on Santa's hat, plus two eyebrows and one mustache.

3. Cut two 6-1/2" x 6" piece of white fleece.

4. Cut a 6-1/2" x 5" piece of flesh felt for the face and one 1-1/2" circle for the nose.

5. Cut three pieces of pink felt in 1-1/2-inch circles.

6. Iron fusible adhesive to the back of these pieces.

7. To assemble: Fold the red fleece in half and pin. Taper one end to a V to be the tip of Santa's hat. (figure A).

8. Topstitch the open end or use 5/8-inch fusible adhesive. At the other end, fuse the piece of flesh felt to one side. Note: When fusing the adhesive to the fleece cover the fleece with a paper towel or cotton fabric. This will prevent the iron from melting the fleece.

9. Fuse on the mustache, cheeks, mouth, and eyebrows (figure B).

10. Fuse the white fleece strip overlapping 1 inch of the top of the flesh felt.

11. Sew the white fleece squares one on each side, over lapping 1/2-inch of the edge (figure C).

12. Glue on buttons for eyes.

13. To make the nose, baste the flesh felt circle with a needle and thread, put a small amount of stuffing in the center, pull the base thread to gather around the stuffing (figure D), and tie off.

14. Glue the nose to the face (figure E).

15. With pinking sheers, cut 1/2-inch strips on the white fleece squares (this will be the beard as well as the fringe on the scarf) (figure F).

16. Make a large pompom out of the white yarn: Lay a 10-inch piece of embroidery floss over a 3" x 4" piece of cardboard. Wrap yarn around the cardboard (figure G).

17. Sew to the tapered tip at the other end of the scarf (figure H).

Variation: You can use this same idea and make child's face or favorite animal. Or, change a few things around and make a snowman.

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