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How to Make a Ribbon Pine Cone Ornament

Hang this ornament on a holiday tree, from a cabinet knob, a lampshade key and more. Follow these instructions by Helen Gibb to make your own.

Materials and Tools:

medium pine cone
5" wire for loop
5 yards of 1" wide Hanah Silk "Old Christmas" bias silk ribbon
45" of 1" wide Hanah Silk "Garnet" bias silk ribbon
10" of 1/4" Hanah Silk "Mossy Rock" cording
small mushroom bird
4 small pieces of artificial pine greenery
4 small berry twigs
6 small peacock feathers
hot glue gun
glue sticks


1. Make a circle out of the 5-inch piece of wire and hot glue it onto the top of the pine cone. This is the ring through which you'll tie the ornament's cord hanger.

2. From the five yards of 1-inch-wide ribbon, begin with one end and glue it to the top of the pine cone. Angle the ribbon downward and loosely drape the ribbon a few inches around the pine cone. Glue the ribbon deeply into a crevice in the pine cone.

3. Repeat this process until the pine cone is loosely decorated with the ribbon. Cut the remaining ribbon.

4. Make six folded roses using 15 inches of ribbon for each rose. Make three roses from the Garnet color and three from the Old Christmas color. Set aside.

5. Glue the artificial greenery to the top of the pine cone, followed by the berry twigs.

6. Glue the roses to the top of the pine cone, in and around the greenery and so the raw edges and wire loop are hidden.

7. Glue the small bird to the top of the composition.

8. Glue small peacock feathers in and around the greenery near the top of the pine cone.

9. Make a "tassel" of ribbon by cutting six pieces of ribbon about 5 inches each. Sew the pieces together at one end and glue to the bottom of the pine cone.

10. Tie the 10-inch piece of cord through the ring.10.

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