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Before and After: Multifunctional Family Room Renovation

Interior redesigners Wendy Murphy and Deanna Vanhoutan balance the look in a multifunctional living room.

The redesigners begin by shifting the armoire and the sofa for better traffic flow and balance. A neutral-colored rug is found in the basement and used to ground the living space.

Next they create unconventional side tables out of old ammunition boxes, a stool, the ottoman and a scrap piece of wood placed on the radiator.

The doors on the built-in are then removed and the space is cleaned out to make way for carefully chosen accessories.

A table and chairs from the porch makes a charming game table on the other side of the room and completes the room's makeover.


Before the makeover this living room was neither comfortable or inviting. A few minor additions and a furniture rearrangement completely transform this space into a warm and multi-functional living room.

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