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Metal Spider Web

John Sterry makes a wonderfully eerie piece that would add an element of creepy fun to any home.

John Sterry has been working in metal since high school and has been a full time employee with UPS for 20 years. This is evidence of persistence in his life. His metal artwork is another prime example of this quality. He constructs dramatic dimensional sculptures out of metal, heat, focus, dedication and elbow grease.

John begins with welding rod that he bends into a frame for the web, which in turn grows into the beginning structure for the web. He achieves this by taking a welding rod of the right weight and heating points that serve as bends. This process continues until the web is complete. Cross pieces are added in the same way of just heating points to join them. Once the web is complete, John begins working on the spider. The body is constructed in the form of a wire frame, which the welding rods are melted onto. He basically builds the spider directly from the rod using his torch, until it has become a thick layer. This creates a solid spider body in a very time-consuming, precarious process. Legs are added to the spider, and the spider is placed onto the web itself.

The spider needs a victim, and what better then a beautiful butterfly? John creates the butterfly body using the same process as the spider body. The wings are individually cut from sheet metal and attached to the body. The wings are then painted in great detail to look as realistic as possible without them actually taking flight. The butterfly is also attached to the web itself, a hapless victim.

The entire piece is sprayed with a clear coat, which deepens the colors slightly and seals the piece to protect from the effects of time on metal.

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