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Shoebox: Viewer Phone Call

Handmade paper and decorated boxes are a unique gift idea.

The Shoebox segment today consisted of a phone call with viewer Lily Radloff of Tulsa, Okla., who sent in some very attractive items she made all featuring her handmade paper...that is, paper that she made using leftover throw-away papers from her print shop plus some of her own junk mail. Lily makes her paper in the standard way most of us do — in her blender — and uses a deckle that she made herself using screening and four lengths of wood. Originally she used one that she made from an old frame.

Lily uses her handmade paper to cover boxes that she makes from mat board. She also uses it to make jewelry and gives it a colorful touch by adding herbs to the paper.

Her presentation of a pair of earrings she made caught our eye as well. Lily made a rather small but tall box decorated with bits of gold leaf; then she hung the earrings from the inside of the top of the box so that when you opened the box, there they were.

The top of the box itself was also attractive. She had made a swirl type design of 18-gauge copper wire, then smashed it flat with a hammer and attached it to the box top standing straight up to serve not only as a handsome visual attraction but as a handle for removing the top.

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