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Wine Crate Ottoman

This project turns a recycled wine crate into an attractive ottoman.

Materials and Tools:

wine crate
4 fence post tops
double-sided screws
staple gun
screwdriver or drill & bits
hand saw or miter saw


1. Begin with a sturdy wine crate; we found ours outside a wine shop. To reinforce the bottom, glue on a 1/4-inch piece of plywood, and then screw it on to secure it in place.

2. For the legs, use four fence post tops that already have double-sided screws in them. Twist them on, one in each corner.

3. To give the ottoman a more finished look, pre-cut and miter molding to fit all four sides of the box. Glue on each piece to the bottom and nail them in place.

4. Prepare a cushion for the top of the ottoman. Put your fabric down wrong side up; then place the foam on it and then the plywood on top of that. Pull the fabric tightly, fold the corners in neatly, and staple it to the wood with a staple gun.

5. Once the final staple is in, hammer the staples in so they lie flush.

6. For the last step, place the cushion on the top of the crate.

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