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Shoebox: Decoupage Light Bulb, Aquarium Vase, Angel Ornaments

Fans of the Carol Duvall Show share their favorite crafts.

There was a very sweet and fun to read letter in the Shoebox today, along with a clever idea that all started on our show. Betty Koepsel of East Troy, Wisc., wrote that she had seen an ornament on one of our Holiday Workshop shows that a viewer had made out of a light bulb. It gave her an idea for something that she could make to send to a gentleman she had recently met, who is an artist and who now was spending his winters in New Mexico, a very long way from Wisconsin. Betty first painted the bulb bright yellow and typed out the words to "You Light Up My Life" on tissue paper and adhered it to the light bulb. After adding a strip of musical notes, she coated the bulb with a protective coating and sent it on its way to the gentleman. He was delighted and much so that Betty ended her letter by saying that he hopes to spend the rest of his life with her and makes her feel like 73 going on 16. We loved it!

Also on the romantic side was the letter from Bea Proper of Ottawa, Ill. Bea stated that her fiance really loves aquariums, and for Father's Day, she wanted to give him something special. Because he lives in a trailer and moves around a lot, an honest-to-goodness aquarium wouldn’t be too practical. Then, while searching around for a substitute idea, she happened upon a tall blue glass vase and it gave her an inspiration. She purchased the vase and some background aquarium paper, which she cut to fit inside the vase. She then added fish decals to the front of the vase, sealed them with clear glue, and placed some shells and underwater-type items inside. An aquarium that travels!

Incidentally, we don’t know if it was the aquarium that did it or not, but Bea now signs her name Bea Taylor!

Jean Phillips of Robbins, Tenn., is a TRUE crafter. When a variety store she happened upon was going out of business and had a 10-cent sale, Jean had a field day. According to her letter, "It was pure junk. Just my kind of place." And she filled up on all manner of "who knows what I'll do with it" kind of things. Well, one of the things she started making were little angels made with shells she picked up on vacation, ribbon, tiny flowers and silver cording hangers. She stated that they cost her less than 70 cents to make and she sells them for $2.50! She also has a little card that goes on it that reads, "Made by a Midnight Maniac."

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