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Window Coffee Table

Recycling an old frame window into a tabletop can add unique interest to your living room or den.

Materials and Tools:

old wood-frame window
1/4" thick scrap wood
half-round trim
staple gun
leg brackets
double-ended screws


1. For the base of the table, precut a piece of wood that is the same size as the window. We suggest getting at least a 1/4-inch-thick piece of wood to hold the weight of the window.

2. Precut two pieces of the half-round and screw one to each side of the wood base. This will create a gap between the window and the wood so photos and mementos can be placed underneath.

3. After the half-rounds are attached, place the window on top of the wood and hinge them together with standard cupboard door hinges.

4. To provide a catch so the window doesn't fall back, staple a piece of candlewick to the window and then to the wood base.

5. Turn the table over to add the leg brackets. Attach one to each corner with screws. Twist table legs, with double-sided screws in one end, into each bracket.

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