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Decoupaged Cabinet Door Clock

Incorporate a personal touch into any room with a clock made from a cabinet door and your favorite wrapping paper.

Materials and Tools:

cabinet door
paint and/or stain
drill and 3/8" paddle bit
wrapping paper
decoupage medium or white glue and water
self-adhesive clock face
sawtooth hanger
clock mechanism


1. Paint and/or stain the cabinet door as desired and let dry.

2. Mark the center of the door for the clock. Put it up on blocks and drill a hole on the mark.

3. Add the wrapping paper using decoupage medium, or make your own using three parts white glue to one part water. Poke through the hole with a pen and put the clock face in position by lining up the holes.

4. Let the glue set and add a sawtooth hanger to the back.

5. Attach the clock mechanism as directed.

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