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Envelope Cards

Projects demonstrated by Dee Gruenig.

Materials and Tools:

11" x 17" card stock (makes two)
scoring tool
paper cutter or scissors
cutting mat with grid (optional)
decorative scissors (optional)


1. Cut card stock in half lengthwise to make two 5-1/2" x 17" pieces. Set one aside.

2. Use a ruler and scoring tool to score a line 1/2 inch in from each long side.

3. Score across card stock at 1-1/4, 7-1/2 and 13-3/4 inches.

4. Fold in on all scored lines to form a 1-1/4-inch flap at the top and a 3-1/4-inch pocket at the bottom.

5. Cut away the 1/2-inch sides up to the pocket only, and cut at a slight angle at the pocket fold to make flaps that will fold in neatly.

6. Apply adhesive to flaps and fold in while folding flap up.

7. Trim top flap edges at a slight angle or trim with decorative scissors. Fold top flap around bottom flap to seal.

Sunflower Pocket Card

Materials and Tools:

pocket card or Envelopment
Inkabilities metallic rainbow sponge
Posh Impressions memories stamp #550-G11
Posh Impressions journaling banner stamp #550-J22
Posh Impressions sunflower duet stamp #2752C
gold embossing ink
gold embossing powder
photos or color copies
colored card stock
embossing heat tool
brush art markers & memory brush pen
stamping mat
scrap back-up paper
cleaning tray
damp rag
opaque sticker paper
rubber gloves


1. Open the long envelope card with the pocket facing down.

2. Glide inked sponge in a soft arc across colored paper, beginning and ending on back-up paper.

3. Repeat as desired. Quickly remove back-up scrap paper to keep project clean.

4. Flip pocket card over on new back-up paper and repeat previous steps. Quickly remove this back-up paper, too, and set card aside to dry.

5. Stamp six solid duet sunflowers on sticker paper using brush art markers in colors that will compliment the pocket card and sponged design.

6. Stamp the sunflower outline over the solid image with gold ink. Shake on gold embossing powder liberally and pour excess back into jar. Set with heat tool.

7. Emboss a gold banner in the same manner.

8. Cut out embossed images, leaving a small white edge.

9. Peel off the backing and place sticker designs on the front and back of the pocket card. Save a sticker to seal the card.

10. Trim photo(s) to desired size. Single, double or triple mat on card stock that complements decorated envelop and fit into pocket.

11. Seal and address pocket card. Take to post office for proper postage and hand cancellation.


Be sure to shake colors before each use.

Overlapping images create dimension.

Be sure to bag the sponge right away for future use.

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